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Millions of men worldwide are affected by Erectile Dysfunction (ED), impacting performance, confidence, and overall mood. If you are one of the very many men impacted by ED, Hims offers a discreet, convenient and effective solution. Here are five compelling reasons to check out Hims today.

1. Discreet and Convenient Process

Hims understands the sensitive nature of ED and prioritizes your privacy. Its online platform lets you discreetly address your concerns from the comfort of home – no more uncomfortable waiting rooms, awkward doctor visits or pharmacy check-outs. With Hims, you can access the care you need without sacrificing confidentiality.

2. Personalized Treatment Plans

Hims offers customized treatment plans for ED tailored to your specific needs. Through their online assessment, licensed medical providers evaluate your condition and prescribe FDA-approved medications or other suitable solutions to address the root cause of your ED. Hims’ personalized approach ensures you receive personalized and effective treatment for your specific needs.

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  • Personalized treatment options, based on your needs and medical history
  • Telehealth appointments are conducted by U.S. licensed health care providers
  • Convenience factor of direct shipping of prescriptions
  • Able to provide generic and name brand products for ED
  • 100% online with free, discreet shipping of prescriptions
  • No insurance required


  • Online-only care, no in-person visits

3. Wide Range of ED Prescription Options

Hims provides a comprehensive range of medication options for treating ED. From well-known oral medications like Viagra® and Cialis® to more affordable generic alternatives, Hims offers choices to suit your ED needs, preferences and budget, and its licensed medical providers guide you to appropriate medications and dosages for optimal results.

4. Ongoing Support and Guidance

Hims is committed to supporting you throughout your journey to overcome ED. Experts are ready to offer guidance and support to ensure you stay on track with your treatment plan. Hims treatment provides regular check-ins, educational resources and access to a dedicated support team to address any concerns or questions you have along the way.

5. Holistic Approach to Men’s Health

Hims recognizes that various factors can influence ED, including lifestyle, stress and overall health. That understanding guides its holistic approach to men’s health, which addresses both the symptoms of ED and its underlying causes. Hims’ platform offers additional resources and treatments to support your overall well-being, including supplements, mental health support and hair loss solutions.

Bottom Line

Hims offers a private, convenient and personalized solution to address your ED concerns, supported by licensed medical providers and a dedicated care team every step of the way. If you’re ready to take control of your ED challenges, it’s time for Hims. Get started today with your free ED assessment.

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